Summer Reading Program 2021


On June 2, we will be hosting Aesop Fables by BrightStar Theatre! These fables from the legendary Greek storyteller, Aesop, have been delighting young and old alike for thousands of years, and they still have a message for us today. Perfect for younger audiences, these classic tales entertain but also share a strong message about treating others fairly and knowing right from wrong. Stories like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” “The Tortoise and The Hare,” and “The Lion and The Mouse” leave audiences with a message that is both timely, and timeless!  

Click HERE to watch Aesop Fables by BrightStar Theatre!

Welcome to the 2021 AHRL Summer Reading Program!  Follow the links listed below to register for the program and reading challenge;  view our summer reading videos and online programs; and download how-to's and instruction sheets for our craft projects.  Call the AHRL at 962-3321 for questions or if you need additional information.