Get A Card

An Alleghany Highlands Regional Library card allows you to:

  • Check out print, audio, and video materials.
  • Access premium online articles and information.
  • Use a computer at the library.
  • Renew in person, by telephone or online (unless hold requests have been recorded for those items or maximum number of renewals has been reached).
  • Place a hold on items.


Any resident of Alleghany County (including Clifton Forge, Iron Gate, Low Moor, and Selma), the City of Covington, and residents of Bath County. To register as an Alleghany Highlands Regional Library user, you must show proof of meeting eligibility requirements.

If you live outside the service area of Alleghany County and the City of Covington, you may apply for a non-resident card at the cost of $10.00 per year or a one-time temporary card at the cost of $5.00 for three months.

When registering for a library card, you need to provide a photo ID and proof of current address.

The following are examples of acceptable documents:

Photo identification from an official source:

  • Valid Driver's License Valid Virginia ID card
  • Passport
  • Proof of residential address:
  • Checks with names and address printed on them
  • Utility bill in your name
  • Rental agreement/lease in your name
  • DMV Address verification postcard
  • Virginia Voter's registration card
  • Employment or Insurance ID with address

Business licenses cannot be accepted as proof of taxes paid.


  • Residents of Bath County may receive an AHRL card at no cost.
  • An individual who lives in another county or state, but who owns property in Alleghany County and/or the City of Covington, will be treated as a resident upon presentation of a current paid tax receipt. A current receipt must be presented in lieu of payment each year at the time the card is renewed.
  • Any Alleghany County and/or City of Covington tax receipt (real estate or personal property) is acceptable and may be used in lieu of the non-resident fee.
  • Educators living outside the AHRL service area, but who are currently working in the Alleghany County or Covington City school systems may receive a card at no cost.  Educators are asked to bring in their current school ID for verification.


To obtain a library card, juveniles under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian assumes responsibility for proper use of the library card as well as payment of fines or lost or damaged materials fees.